Dental@Med Group

A decade ago, the spark of an idea ignited in the minds of Luca Sebastiani and Lorenzo Paci. Their vision was to build a dental practice that combined their mutual passion for patient care, quality service, and innovation in dental medicine. This vision materialised as a small dental surgery named Dental@Med.

Over the years, Dental@Med has steadily grown, evolving far beyond its original conception. Today, it stands not just as a singular entity, but as a large conglomerate known as Dental@Med Group, a dynamic triptych encompassing three distinct, yet interconnected divisions: Dental@Med Dentistry Division, Dental@Med Medical Division, and Dental@Med Academy

From a small dental surgery to a large healthcare group, Dental@Med’s journey embodies the power of vision, the strength of dedication, and the potential for growth. Today, the Dental@Med Group is a testament to the progressive ideals of Luca Sebastiani and Lorenzo Paci, as they continue to redefine and elevate the standards of healthcare.

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