The journey of Luca Sebastiani: A man, a dentist, an entrepreneur.

The book narrates the life and professional journey of Luca Sebastiani, a man who transformed his passion for dentistry into a successful business. Since opening a small dental practice in Foligno, in the province of Perugia, Luca has built the Dental@Med group, which now aims to become a national reality. Through his words, Luca shares the challenges, successes and lessons learned along the way, underlining the importance of passion, dedication and teamwork.

The book is not only an autobiographical story, but also a guide for anyone wishing to embark on an entrepreneurial journey.

Through anecdotes, reflections and quotes, Luca offers an in-depth view of the world of dentistry and entrepreneurship, providing valuable insights and inspiration for anyone wishing to realize their dreams and goals.

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